RockDolly Model 1 
  • 475 Watts

  • Behringer XR12, XR16, or XR18 Mixer

  • Pole Mountable HF Speaker

  • Recessed Casters for Easy Transport

  • Speaker System by Eminence featuring the Kappalite 3015LF Driver

  • Uses 4-lead Speakon Connectors

  • Available in over 30 colors including custom prints

  • Optional Wireless Instrument, Mic, and In-Ear Monitor System built in

  • Bottom Box: 29.5"•19"•15"

  • Middle Box: 1' 11/16"•19"•15"

  • Top Box: 19"•10 1/4"

Speaker System, Frequency Response Curves and Crossover Points

The RockDolly uses a unique, 3-way speaker system to deliver an enormous amount of high quality volume.  This system uses all Eminence speakers, and includes the 3015LF, Alpha 6A, and an ASD1001 paired with a PXB3:3K5 crossover.  

For the speakerheads out there, that means that the crossover points are at 500 Hz, and 3.5 kHz.  We are proud of the amount of bass that the RockDolly is currently able to produce, and we continue experimenting with new materials and models to push the limits of sound portability.

We are searching for an opportunity to have the FRC scientifically tested and will post the results here upon completion.